About Parlor

Even with the ever-increasing number of apps and features that allow us to stay connected to friends and family, nothing quite compares to a phone call. Social media sites, instant messengers and text-messaging services simply do not convey everything that hearing another person's voice can, leading most people to still appreciate a phone call far more than other methods of contact. In fact, when approximately 83% of adults who own cellphones were asked in a Pew Research Institute survey how they prefer to be contacted on their cell phone, over 53% said they preferred a phone call to a text message.

The high cost of long-distance and international calling and the limited ability of phone calls to reach large groups of people at one time has in the past led many to settle for other forms of cell phone communication. Parlor.me was developed as a better way to contact anyone by allowing users to connect by voice without the high cost associated with cell phone calls.

Parlor.me is the first application for group and international calling that is completely free – without any sign-up required or data plan required. Users can create a group and then invite others from anywhere in the world via email or sms. With an invitation, call participants simply enter their phone numbers which are never shared and then given a local number to connect. Then, everyone can talk for as long as they want, about anything they want, entirely for free.

The uses for Parlor.me are virtually limitless. Whether you want to use the phone to plan your next night out with local friends or conduct a conference call with participants from across the globe, our app can connect you in seconds, for free. Stay connected by hearing every word with Parlor.me.